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Water Filter, Purifier & Treatment Systems – Made in America


If you would like cleaner, healthier water, we can provide water filtration, sanitizers, or treatment systems for the kitchen, or your entire home. We install Water Filters & Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, & treat for Iron Filtration & more. 


Well Pump Installation Cost: Save Money By Doing It Right

The cost of a well pump installation is not only what you pay up front, it’s also determined by how long your new pump will last before you have to pay to replace it again. Too many people fall victim to a short-lived well pump, making their true cost of a water well pump system much higher than it should be. Why pay for two well pumps when one would have done the trick?

It’s common for people to replace their well pumps somewhere between 7 and 15 years. Assuming they don’t suffer premature failure, well pumps can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years IF installed properly, which is the way we do it at Walter’s Well Pump & Tank Service. And the best part is, it only requires a few dollars in parts.

This isn’t about about some special, top secret techniques we use. We just do it the way it’s supposed to be done. It costs a little more, very little more, to do it right, but the payoff over the long run is tremendous. It’s the old “ounce of prevention” thing.

How to Get Maximum Life From Your Well Pump, Reduce Replacement Cost & Save Your Family Some Money


All that’s required in doing it right, and making sure you get maximum life out of your new (or current) well pump, is to install two parts that reduce wear on the pump and the electrical wiring that runs down the well and connects to the pump. The first is a torque arrestor, which prevents the pump from twisting severely due to motor torque and banging against the side of the well each time it turns on.

Given the same horse power rating, electric motors generate more torque from a complete stop than gasoline engines, which is one reason that hybrid gas-electric cars can run on electric power only when driving around town in stop and go traffic. When an electric motor is switched on, it goes from zero to top speed in an instant. So each time a well pump turns on, it can generate a pretty severe twisting motion because of the torque that’s generated if there is no torque arrestor in place. This sudden burst of torque will cause the pump to bang against the side of the well, aging the pump and the electrical wiring connects to it.

A failing pressure switch or faulty water storage tank will often cause the well pump to cycle on and off much more often than normal. If a pump that does not have a torque arrestor properly installed begins cycling on and off like this, it may bang against the side of the well so much that the insulation on the electrical wiring is damaged to the point that bare wire is exposed, creating an electrical shock risk.

However, a torque arrestor that has not been fit and installed properly will not provide the protection it should. It’s got to be done right.

The second money-saving well pump installation component is a wire guard. It protects the wiring that supplies power to the pump, preventing it from rubbing against the side of the well when the pump cycles on and off. The wire guide prevents the premature aging and failure described above, which would otherwise lead to a costly service call.

The video below shows a repair being made for this exact problem.

Some people who install and replace well pumps, more than you would think, purposely do not install torque arrestors and wire guards so your pump will fail sooner, which leads to another service call and pump replacement. It’s either that, or it’s just laziness.

Make sure your well pump installation includes a torque arrestor and a wire guard to ensure maximum life from your new pump.


Walter’s Well Pump & Tank Service (919) 417-9940

Bad Water? Dirty or Muddy Water? Clean Your Well with Ultra High Pressure Hydro Cleaning


Would you describe the water coming from your well as bad water, dirty water, or muddy water? Do you have trouble getting your clothes clean when you do laundry? If your water has any of these symptoms, you may need to have your well hydro-cleaned and treated.

Walter’s Well Pump & Tank Service now offers hydro-cleaning, a well cleaning and purification technique the forces water under extremely high pressure through the well. How much water? Approximately 2000 gallons.  We have a tanker truck just for the purpose of bringing the water to the site. How high is the pressure?  The water is forced through a 2” line at the rate of 600 gallons per minute. Think of it as industrial pressure washing, ultra-high pressure cleaning of your well drop pipe, and the well casing.

Once the well casing and drop pipe are clean, your well can be treated with chlorine, then a filtration system can be put in place.

How do you know your well needs hydro cleaning?

There are several different situations that would give you a hint, sometimes a very strong hint. For example:

  • – Bad smelling water (aka “bad water” or “dirty water”)
  • – Change of flavor of your water over time
  • – Obvious discoloration of water
  • – Build up in sinks tubs & shower walls more than normal

For some it is obvious that their well needs cleaning because there is so much discoloration in the water, so much sediment making its way into the house plumbing, or such a strong smell and or taste. The gradual build up of bacteria and algae can cause the build up of a sludge, or gunk, in the bottom of a well. We’ve seen it 10, 20, even 30 feet deep. If this is the case, your well pump is pumping water from this sludge pond into the house plumbing, and you’re going to notice it.

For others it may not be obvious at all. Since the taste of your water can change very gradually over time, and because it may not appear to be discolored, you may not notice it, as your taste buds slowly adjust with the gradual change in the water. One clue in this case is when you drink water at other people’s homes, or at work or in a restaurant, and their water tastes better to you. You may also notice that you can't get your laundry as clean as you used to.

If you have any reason to suspect the quality of your water and that your well needs cleaning, you don’t have to jump to that conclusion. Call Walter’s Well Pump and Tank Service to arrange a water quality test. That’s the first step. With our down-hole (down well) video camera, we get a close-up view of the interior of your well. If there is no damage to the well, but it suffers from build up of bacteria and the growth of algae, then we can go forward with ultra high pressure hydro-cleaning, leaving your well spic and span clean, and restoring proper water quality for you and your family.



Well Hydro Cleaning by Walter's Well Pump & Tank Service


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